This event was to be a major celebration for a corporation who was thanking their numerous international business partners for the previous year’s success and to motivate them to continue their support well into the future. They wanted an internationally recognized classic top hit musical act that would appeal to such a group and provide a high energy ninety-minute show. Technically, it made most sense to hold the event inside a massive ballroom of the venue however my client insisted it be outside on the back portion of the property which overlooked a beautiful river. Being inside would allow our production team the highest degree of control for numerous reasons.  There were four major challenges to having it where they wanted outside: It was a sloping lawn that led down to a fountain over which they wanted to build the stage. Also, there was no guarantee of the weather holding up. And there were no roads leading to the performance area making it incredibly difficult to transport all the large and heavy equipment necessary to produce a show by a world-renown celebrity act. Through an enormous amount of complicated and exhausting logistical planning, over the period of a year, and the support of an incredible team of people we were able to produce a wonderfully successful night for their 1500 guests.

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