From the melody that plays as you walk down the aisle to the band or DJ that gets guests out on the dance floor, memorable music is a must. Follow these tips to save on the soundtrack to your soirée.

… For reception music leads, explore your cities nightlife scene, suggests Washington, DC-based Entertainment Producer Andy Kushner- whose award-winning bands include SoundConnection and Marquise. “a group that performs in local bars or clubs tends to be more cost-effective than a traditional wedding band.”

Regardless of whether an act is established or up-and-coming, size matters. For your ceremony or cocktail hour accompaniment, consider it a duet or solo performance instead of the standard string quartet, Kushner says. Since you often pay (and tip) by the person, a harpist, acoustic guitarist, bagpipe player, or opera singer can make a big impact for a small price. The same is true of reception bands- a five-member group will almost always cost less van a nine-piece orchestra (not to mention the number of mouths you’ll have to feed).

As with venues, you may get a bargain rate by holding your wedding on a weekday or a weekend in slow season, notes Kushner. “Saturday events incur the most competition for services, so they yield the highest price tags.” …

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