Feels like just yesterday that we photographed the first Hayman daughter with the talented Sandi Hoffman and her event staff, yet it was only yesterday that we were actually now photographing that of the youngest Hayman daughter, Stephanie and her wonderful and handsome now better half Erik!

It’s those wonderful clients that leave you with the feeling that you are family at the end of the day that make you realize how truly blessed you are to be in an industry where what you do matters; today, tomorrow and well into generations to come. The Hayman’s are simply one of those families. It is wonderful to see the family complete with Son-in-Laws and their beautiful grand-daughter Olivia!

Stephanie is as much alike as she is different to her sister. While the love and happiness exudes from both of them as proof that life is too short to live it cautiously, Stephanie stems more on that of the artistic, fancy and free and Jennifer on the conservative soft and gentle side of being a people pleaser. The two totally unique and amazing girls are brides that the Regeti’s will cherish closely to our hearts forever.

To the tune of Andy Kushner’s band [SoundConnection] the family danced the night away with the care and hospitality of the meticulous staff at the Fours Seasons in Georgetown the evening was flawless and one the two will surely remember for a lifetime maybe even two!

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