Julie Katzen deemed being a veterinarian didn’t lend itself to the best of hours and found it extremely difficult to meet people. So with a little coaxing, her younger sister, Stacey Katzen, decided to be pro-active and signed Julie up for Jdate, the leading online dating service aimed at connecting Jewish singles worldwide.

Both Julie and Stacey found success through Jdate and after both siblings dated their partners for a little more than a year, the Katzen family found themselves with two sisters, a duel engagement and weddings to be planned within just four months of one another.

“Our poor parents, I felt really bad with them having two daughters getting married just months apart from one another. Had we gotten married any sooner than four months between each other, my parents would have had a heart attack,” shares Stacey.

So both siblings hired Wendy Katzen, award-winning event planner in the D.C. metropolitan area, who has been planning weddings since 1990 through her company Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect.” Having studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Wendy’s approach is that she is the director and the family are the producers. “You couldn’t have picked two more different girls,” says Wendy. “It was very important to me to make their events be so completely different since at least a third of their guests would be the same. I loved this challenge. And who doesn’t want to be challenged.”

“Wendy got us both very well. We have similar tastes but very different styles,” Stacey says.

Julie says, “Some girls grow up knowing exactly what they want for their wedding. I have never been like that, although I knew I wanted a souther garden theme. Wendy did a great job of showing different options for me to choose from.”

Both brides wore white strapless dresses. Julie went for a gown with a full gathered base, while Stacey chose something with minimal flair from a New York boutique.

Janet Flowers provided the bouquets that both girls carried with them down the aisle. Steve’s bouquet had eggplant colored cala lilies with vibrant green stems, while Julie carried purple-hued roses bound with satin ribbons at the base.

With well over 200 guests each, both girls had bands that made guests pack the dance floor to create an atmosphere that they won’t soon forget. “SoundConnection did a great job of playing ‘It Had To Be You.’ When you live in New York, that song just speaks to you and SoundConnection played it great,” exclaims Stacey.

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