What is Entertainment Design?

Every event has a flow: a rhythm that begins onstage and is amplified through the crowd, connecting everyone at the event. This shared experience creates the emotional core of your event. The goal of entertainment design is to cultivate this connection with the perfect talent, ambiance and music to match the vision of your event. Andy Kushner's team will bring a crowd of thousands to its feet or an intimate gathering to tears with the impact of the right song performed at the right moment. Entertainment design is the heartbeat of your event.

What the industry experts are saying

It’s about the guest having the best experience. And that’s what’s important. I think Andy does this better than anybody else. Colin Cowie TV Personality/Celebrity Event Planner
Brides who want Grammy-worthy entertainment call upon one man—Andy Kushner. Antonia van der Meer Modern Bride, Editor and Chief
Extremely talented and willing to go above and beyond, to give the guests an experience that they wouldn’t forget Andrea Michaels Extraordinary Events, Founder
Wow, everyone is raving about Earth Wind & Fire and SoundConnection’s performance! Your custom design approach was exactly what we needed in order to make our annual event the most successful we’ve ever had! Bonnie Sherer Advisor Group, Director of Events
It was original, it was big, it was historic. And the BRIDES Dream Team Wedding at Walt Disney World could not have happened without you! Watching you and your fabulous musicians rock the Magic Kingdom from dawn until the end of the night was a thrill—such energy and excitement. Millie Martini Bratten Brides Magazine, Editor and Chief


Bellagio New Year’s Celebration

special event entertainment
The Bellagio’s goal was to reward their coveted high rollers. They wanted an outrageous, never-before-seen event that would make their VIPs feel unique and connected to the casino. This audience had already seen the best entertainment Vegas had to offer, so the event had to be a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience—one they would only get as a valued patron of the Bellagio. To achieve this we designed a four-hour, non-stop, high-energy show that would engage every member of the audience.
Entertainment Elements
To create a truly unique sound, we bolstered SoundConnection, which was already ten pieces, with three more lead singers, a female percussionist and a second multi-keyboardist. To add visual excitement, we hired a celebrity choreographer with twenty-three dancers costumed by a world-renown designer.

We then built a 50-foot main stage with two 40-foot side wings at both ends and a 50-foot video screen behind the stage. We interspersed several dance numbers throughout the ninety-minute dinner and followed it with a two and a half hour non-stop, high-energy dance party with three elaborately choreographed seven-minute show medleys. The climax of the event was timed perfectly: with thirty-eight performers onstage and the entire crowd on their feet, we set off a world-class light show and stunning pyrotechnics at the stroke of midnight!
The Bellagio’s special events director said they had “never seen such an over-the-top display of entertainment,” which made it “an incredible and outrageous night.”

Instead of a passive experience, we set out to blur the border between the audience and the stage and the results were even better than we anticipated. By bucking their expectations of a standard Vegas show, we connected the audience not just to the performance or the evening, but with the Bellagio as well.

Crafting one-of-a-kind moments

people dancing at a wedding
Our client wanted a wedding that would stand out from the numerous weddings they’d already attended. The goal was to tell their story through music, both lyrically and in emotional tone, over the course of the night in a way that would leave a lasting impression for themselves and their guests.
Entertainment Concept
We began with our philosophy of engaging the guests from the moment they take their seats at the ceremony, which nicely sets the tone for the entire evening. From there, the storyline of the evening was built in steps, making emotional connections with the guests through distinct musical styles at each turn of the event.
Musical Elements
For the pre-ceremony seating, we began with a keyboardist on the synthesizer paired with a saxophonist performing a Roy Todd inspired style of music. The soprano saxophone was chosen to hit the sweet notes at this tender, anticipatory moment, which was an excellent complement to the keyboardist.

During the processional, the duo performed Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love,” which was the quintessential message for this couple’s love story. For the brides’ entrance, a female singer joined the duo and sang Chantel Kreviazuk’s “Feels Like Home” which even brought tears to the eyes of the venue's Director of Catering who had seen literally hundreds of wedding ceremonies.

SoundConnection LIVE in Singapore

SoundConnection in Singapore, Rayshun with Crowd
An Australian client was hosting an international incentive program, for their Far East Division, in Singapore on Halloween night for a total of 1000 people from nine different countries. Their event took place only once every three years and the final night was touted as being the peak of the multi-day conference. They needed a single eighty-five minute set that would wow the room, giving them the night of their lives leaving them motivated to once again make their sales numbers in order to qualify for the next recognition event that would occur three years later.
Entertainment Concept
After an extensive fact-finding mission with the event production team, Andy custom-crafted a non-stop extravaganza featuring the dynamic band, SoundConnection, and included guest artists, image magnification on large screens and collaboration with contracted lighting, sound and staging crews in order to present a high-energy aural and visual explosion to rock the senses. He also incorporated frequent interactive crowd participation in order to bond together the large group of attendees who did not all speak the same language.
The show received an over-the-top response similar to that of celebrity concerts with the crowd packed in and on their feet the entire time. Seemingly shy guests lost all inhibitions and in spite of needing to fly back to their home countries in the early hours of the following morning, most stayed to the very end chanting for an encore. The event production team and executive management were ecstatic with the results saying it far exceeded their expectations.

Entertainment Design Videos

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